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 Dangerous love ~ titlu provizoriu~

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MesajSubiect: Dangerous love ~ titlu provizoriu~    Joi Oct 21, 2010 2:16 am

hei minna! Ma mai recunoasteti? Bn cei kare ma stiu. Mam hotarat sa revin din nou cu... Un nou fic. De data asta este un fic normal nu boy x boy cum obisnuiam sa scriu. Ce este in dark blue cu bold sunt gandurile tipei ( Yuki) asa ca sa stiti ;) daca cititi va rog comentati cu drag daca va placut sau spunetimi ce nu va placut :) apreciez orice fel de comentariu ;) Daca aveti cumva un titlu bun pentru acest fic va rog veniti cu idei :D Kisses! :onigiri:

„Don’t.. Please don’t do that; don’t shoot him; he’s important to me, he’s...DON’T!! Ah!!” she yelled, waking up from the dream. Sweat drops were trickling down her forehead and her temples.
Her breath was fast, she was shaking and tears were falling without control from her eyes.
„Damn it, the same dream again and again; I can’t take this anymore. I have to find that guy. But who is he? And why in my dream?” she told to herself.
The clock showed 3:00 am, it was still dark and cold outside; she got up from bed, still shaking a little and went down the stairs, towards the kitchen.
She opened the fridge, taking a bottle of water to cool down her fear, but she couldn’t. The same dream repeated again and again. The same guy was killed over and over again. Her mind was full only with his image, he was so.... so beautiful even though he was about to die. His eyes were calm, despite having a gun pointed towards him. The only word he repeated every time was her name ~Yuki...~ yes, that’s her name.
She sat on a chair with the bottle suspended in the air, thinking about the man who killed him.
‚ Ah.. Damn it! I have to stop thinking about this.. It’s bad for my health. I’ll search tomorrow through the files; I might be able to find him. But what was his name?’ she thought, while taking another sip of water.
Yuki stood there for another 2 hours, spacing out, when a cellphone rang. It was her cell. She took it and looked at the cell screen – the boss - .
She picked up and the voice of her boss echoed in her ears and mind. In a few seconds she was awake again. The man on the other side of the call said that she was to be at the office as soon as possible. They received a new case, a big one.
Yuki hang up, got up the stairs and got dressed in her usual clothes. A business suit, made out of a skirt and a jacket, both the same colour –light blue - and a white, little transparent blouse. Her hair was free and gently made waves on her shoulders. Her green eyes were highlighted by her natural (green) make-up. She put a little glitter lipstick on, a pair of ear rings and a necklace with a blue shinny star.
Yuki took her handbag, the cellphones, and everything she needed including the keys to her BMW.
She got out of the door and quickly started the car. She was late. At the stop she opened the car’s window, while another car arrived besides her. Yuki was stunned when she saw the car. It was a limousine. A really beautiful one. The back window of the car dropped down and a handsome man with black glasses looked through it. Yuki was awestruck, even though she couldn’t see the man’s face, but his lips were....
‚Omg! Those are the most perfect lips I ever saw! But who’s he? It seems he has a lot of money. But what am I thinking? I should hurry to work or my boss will get really mad’ she thought while looking at the man. The window was up again and the man disappeared behind the black window.
In a few minutes, Yuki arrived at work, breathless. The boss greeted her, apparently calm, signaling her to go to the conference room where her other colleagues were waiting.
Yuki opened the room’s door, then sat in her favourite chair. She could see everything from there.
„Ohayo minna-san! Gomen for being late. „ she said to her colleagues smiling. They greet her happy while returning the smile.
„So what’s the case about? „ she asked making herself more comfortable in the chair.
„ You’ll find soon enough, Yuki. May I know why you’re late? „the boss asked with the same calm voice from before.
„um.. you see.. I overslept”she lied to him looking down
„uh whatever.. Don’t be late again. You know you’re important here so don’t make me lose my confidence in you; Now, shall we start? „he continued, without changing his facial expression.
“the case is about a famous yakuza who was murdered last night. We don’t know who killed him and how, but apparently the surveillance cameras captured a few images with the incident. She will put them on the screen soon. Till then we have to wait a little more for someone. “the boss said still standing. He was a man around 45 so he was young in Yuki’s opinion. He was handsome, well build, with dark blue eyes and an interesting face conformation, but he was married. That made him a respectable man, but a weak target because of this wife and little girl.
Yuki was spacing out thinking about the boss, so she missed the arrival of a man. He was the one they waited. She heard a voice calling her name, but couldn’t recognize it. When she heard it louder she came back on Earth.
“Yuki!! “the boss yelled at her this time angry like hell. “What are spacing out at? I’m talking with you! He’s Kazuma Kenji, the head of the Black Dragon Organization. He’s here to help us with the case, since the dead guy is part of the Red Dragon Organization. Get up and greet him!” he said again with a big respect towards the guy next to him.
“Yoroshiku! Kazuma Kenji desu” he said with a harmonious voice looking down at her.
She raised her eyes, looking at him stunned. Her eyes became big and her mouth open.
„You.. you.. are...um” she tried to say something but her words wouldn’t came out from her mouth. She cleared her throat, trying to say something that could make sense.
„Um yoroshiku. Kenshi Yuki desu. I’m the team leader here and um...” she said with difficulty. He was.... he was so beautiful, handsome, sexy, hot, and so elegant. Unintentionally her eyes scanned the man from head to toe, to make sure she won’t forget the way he looked.
‚ He does look like that guy from the dream, but something is missing; in my dream he had a little black dragon tatooed on his right cheek but I can’t see it now; is it because of his hair? Or am I looking at the wrong man? But still he’s HOOOOT!! Those green eyes like the jade look, so intense and so deep. That beautiful nose and OH DAMN! Those ssoooo perfect lips! Why am I feeling so excited about him?! But those lips.... they do look the same like those from before; that silver and shinny hair... Everything sooo perfect! Uh I’m spacing again! I have to do something about this stupid habit of mine.. ‚ she thought while scanning the hot guy in front of her.
„ Black dragon organisation? A Yakuza? Such a hot and sexy guy a yakuza?” she said without thinking... After she realized what she just said, she looked around to see the others reactions. Most of the girls were stunned, well not because of what she said, but because of Kenji, and the guys were looking a little jealous at her. She was sexy too, so they did want her as their girlfriend, except the boss, who was.... um don’t have words to describe his face.
After seeing everyone reactions Yuki looked at Kenji; He was smirking hearing her words, his eyes were scanning her fully from top to down, that deep and intense glare was like he was undressing her with his eyes. Her face was turning red and her breath was a little faster.
After a few minutes of silence he said again with a calm and harmonic voice: „ thank you for the compliments Yuki-san; That really made me feel much better. Now can we start the meeting? I don’t have too much time” while he sat in front of Yuki.
“So.. the dead guy is a member of the Red Dragon Organization as I said. He’s around 45, he has a a wife and 2 kids who disappeared abruptly. We don’t know were they are, but were going to find out soon. He was shoot with a Remington 700 SPS Tactical originally from US. „ the boss said with a serios expresion watching everybody from the room.
„ But what I’m wondering is: from where did they bought a sniper gun? The sniper rifles from US are forbitten in our country.. not even I can get them, and don’t forget who I am. And another question! Why would they want to kill the head of the organization? „ Kenji said with a courios expresion looking at Yuki in the same time like he was expecting her to say something.
„He was the head of the organization? I didn’t know”the boss responded with a confused face looking at Kenji „ Kazuma – san you should give us a list with every head of every organization. If you want. It would be more easier for us to indentify them” he added with an unsure smile on his lips.
„Sure.. It’s quite simple so don’t worry! If I think deeper I think there’s a reason for his death”Kenji said scratching his chin and caressing his silver hair.
„Ah thank you then.. So what’s the reason for his death? You made me curios „the boss asked sitting in his chair again. ( this could be a little confusing so please dont ask :D)

„Well you see his name is Kaname Koji, he’s a familist, like you said. He tried for a long time to leave his function as a yakuza, but he wasn’t able. His family was everytime targeted by the other organizations, that I don’t know why. So he made a few friends in my organization, so they occasionally go to my host club to have a few drinks. But I found out that one of my boys told him that I’m helping you guys from time to time and so he thought about that as an opportunity for a raise in his clan. He thought to come here at you guys to find more about what I’m doing, but his boses, yeah every organization has their boses over the head, a really complicated thing; anyway I think one of them killed him, I can’t understand why would they want to do that”Kenji said a little disturbed by the story, but after a few minutes he regain his elegant figure.
„Oh! That’s so nasty.. So you’re saying that he was killed because of what he wanted to do? „ Yuki said amazed by the story line „ That means that one of those boses of him had some connections, big ones, and he was able to get some sniper rifles. But as I saw in the pictures taken there he had another wound made by another gun. Not a sniper rifle. It was from a typical gun that everyone has.. and it was made from close. See that hole made by the close gun? It was taken from let’s say 20 cm one from another. Maybe a loved one? Or a friend? Or someone close to him? As I understood he knew something he wasn’t supposed to know. You said he found out about you colaborating with the police. Can you tell us what it is? „ she continued looking at him with curiosity.
„ Well it was something, but I’m sorry I can’t tell you. Is just between me and your boss, but you’re right. He could have heard us speaking about it, and I’m sure that in all the organizations news travel really fast; so someone might have heard about me and the police. Someone who doesn’t want me to get involved in that matter and perhaps that guy, Koki, wanted to do something about it and he got killed for that. It’s a complicated matter.
I have to admit you’re good miss Kenshi.. I’m looking foward to work with you.” Kenji replied with a full smile on his face.
‚ I have to say that this guy’s smile really get me shivers, but in a good way.. what the hell am I talking? Snap out of it!’ she thought still looking at him.
„Thank you sir. I know that, that’s why I’m the team leader. No offence people. Everyone is good in his domain” she responded with a forced smile.

“Ok , let’s take a break for today. The ballistic reports arrive tomorrow so until then there’s nothing else to talk about. Great work everyone! Dismissed! “ said the boss, while we was preparing to leave, so that he can go home early to his wife and child.
Everybody started to leave the conference room. Yuki went out of the room Chelsea, while Kazuma stayed in with his advisors to talk some more.
“Chii-chan!!! Once again I embarrassed myself in front of everyone. “said Yuki, making a cat face.
“ Yeah especially in front of that gorgeous Kenji-san. He’s so hot and sexy… Those eyes and that body … The things I’d do to him….”said Chelsea, looking towards the conference room.
“ Yeah, but it seems he doesn’t even know we’re there. That arrogant pile of muscles. “ she said, a bit angry.
“ Well I do like to take care of myself, young lady” said Kenji, while sitting behind her, after hearing Yuki’s complaint.
Yuki immediately jumped and grasped Chelsea’s shoulder.
“Kazuma-sama, I thought were still in the conference room. What happened?”
“Well, I talked with some of my sources on the street and they might be able to dig up a few things until nightfall. Seeing as how your boss is in a hurry to get home, I thought you might be interested in a little meeting tonight,” said Kenji, with a cheeky smile.
“Umm … Ahhh…”
“She would love to,” said Chelsea, filling in for Yuki, who was turning red.
“Great, let’s say at 8 o’ēlock at the Imperial Garden?”
“Wow, the Imperial Garden? That’s a very expensive restaurant. I hear the waiting list is miles long.” said Yuki, with her redness dying down.
“Relax, I think we might be able to squeeze in, seeing as how I own the place.” revealed Kenji with a devilish smile.
“Woooow,” both the girls said.
“Then it’s a date! But do wear something a bit more elegant, the way you’re dressed now just screams government official. I do have a reputation to maintain.”
‘Did I just get asked out by a yakuza crime lord? A very handsome yakuza crime lord though. And why does he pick on my clothes? I dressed this way since college. But this does explain why everyone’s staring at me when I go out to eat. Ugh, I have to search for something new until tonight. Good thing I got Chii-chan. Something tells me it’s going to be one heck of a night.’

Chapter 2 ~

After they finished what they had to do in the office, the two girls left, heading to the greatest mall in Japan. It was full of people from young to old, there were over 200 stores.
They did a bit of window – shopping and decided in the end to go to KK Lady store part of the larger KK chain. They tried out a few outfits but decided to ask the sale lady for advice.
“ Hello I want to ask you about some evening wear as I’ll be heading out to a restaurant. “ said Yuki
“Ahh.. Miss Kenshi, am I right? “the lady said, with a big smile :D
“How did you know my name? “
“Well Mister Kazuma said you might dropping by today”
“ Who is Mr. Kazuma? “
“ Mr Kazuma Kenji, the owner of these stores. What did you think the KK stood for? “
“ Umm.. Uhh”
“Ah Mr. Kazuma said you would be surprised. He asked me to pick up 3 of our most fashionable outfits. “
Yuki tried each of them and both and Chii-chan were extremely happy. That is until they saw the price tag.
“Thanks for the effort, but I’m afraid these outfits are a bit outside my price range. “
“Don’t worry Young Lady, Mr. Kazuma said they are all on the house” the lady said, still smiling
‘ What the heck? If I accept these dresses for free Kazuma will know I’ll be in debt to him, and I surely don’t want that.. Not that I mind but…’
She turned around to ask Chelsea her opinion, only to find that she was awestruck and a slight tear was going down her cheek.
‘Well I know what Chii-chan wants, although that might have something to do with her being the same size as me ‘
“I’ll just pick this one” pointing to a silver kimono with a floral pattern.
“What just one?? I really liked all of them.. Oh come on! Please?? Pretty please? “ Chii-chan said, with puppy dog eyes.. “You can have that one, and the rest.. you know.. you can give them to me, just to keep them safe you know” she said, with a big smile, winking.
“ Oh for God sake Chii-chan you’re a full grown up woman. Get a hold of yourself. We can’t buy all of those they’re expensive. I’ll pick the silver one and for you the blue one just to make you fell better and that’s it” Yuki said with a serious face, while picking the 2 dresses putting the rest back to their places.
“ Oh ok, you communist girl; is good like this too. Now we should hurry because you’re late” Chii-chan responded while she was heading towards the door.

Pentru moment atat :D trebuie sa mai gandesc ce sa mai scriu.. bye ~
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Dangerous love ~ titlu provizoriu~
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