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 Jocul de-a shuffle versiunea 2

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Blue Rose

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MesajSubiect: Jocul de-a shuffle versiunea 2   Sam Mar 26, 2011 7:21 am

What do you think about :

1.Your life


3.Your Past
s[k]ape goat

4.Your Present
wanna be startin` somethin`

5.Your Future
kowarete iku sekai ...

Could you be loved =]]

ame ni utaeba

Cassandra =]]

9.What is your last wish ?
the other people

10.What do you want from your life?
going under [ no no no ]

11.What do you want from your future children ?
vain T_T

12.How are you friends like ?
an ti dog ma ti sm =]]

13.What do you think of your enemies?
Childhood =]]

14.How is the perfect guy for you ?
Belsen was a gas

15.Your darkest sin is ...
bodshivatta child

16.Your obsession is ..
complicated >.<

17.Your worst nightmare is ...
veniti, privighetoarea canta

18.You would like to ...
mother earth

19.You hate to ...
ask the mountains =]]

20.When you`re sleeping you`re thinking of ...
the true murderous intent

21.When you wake up you think of...
sacred lake

22.You`d never...
killing loneliness >.<

23.You think you are ...
sad lisa xD

24.If you`d have a superpower it would be...
get off =]]

25.You regret ...
shout & bites
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Jocul de-a shuffle versiunea 2
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